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23 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #1

Yes my friends, Christmas has come early! Box #1 arrived at its destination in South Devon. Recipient Kate was ever so pleased...

"Here are some pics of the wonderful curiosity box I received on Saturday. Coincidence or not?  My kind box-giver lives in South Devon like me!  A wonderfully eclectic mix of bits and bobs including:

A rather amazing pink crocheted flower brooch and black shopping bag - these must have taken ages to make and are delightful.
Another crocheted Xmas decoration.
A vintage Enid Blyton book.  
My daughter is coveting the ribbon covered address book.
A very sweet (optional to open) envelope was included that detailed her reasons for the gifts.  
Some tea bags.
A recycled record turned into a trinket box.
A decoupage heart.
Two postcards.
Handmade soap.
Terracotta worm (indicates when plants need to be watered).

Thoughtful and appreciated!  Thank you so much.  They all appealed to my love of Devon, food and handmade items.  I am going to be sending mine out soon.  I have a lot to live up to!!"

We need to just point out that the phallic object in
the box is a terracotta plant worm!
Pleased to see the sender of this box hand crafting some of their gifts, we do love a bit of crochet!



  1. That was from meeeeeee :)
    Took me ages to decide what to make for the box and what other items to add.
    I do hope you like the items and can find a good use for them.
    K x

  2. What's the rather phalic looking thing in the second picture?! Heh.

  3. LOL, that is exactly what I thought it looked like in the picture!
    Its the 'Terracotta worm (indicates when plants need to be watered)'.

    I wouldn't really send one of 'those' :)

  4. hee hee. Thanks so much, KV, I was the lucky recipient of those items. I'm wearing the brooch today! - I did think there was a bit of a phallic shape there when I sent the photos in. Has given us all a giggle anyway! And I STILL haven't sent my box yet - it seems I was one of the first to receive and will be one of the last to send. I'm on the case!