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24 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #2

"When I got back from uni my box was sitting on the table waiting for me.I was going to wait for my boyfriend to open it with me but cos he was at work till late I couldn't wait!
The box was wrapped in brown paper and underneath it was covered in lots of pictures collaged on and tied up with string.

The card said open me and read:

"Dear my curious friend,

I hope you enjoy this box of curiosities picked and made just for you. I too am lucky enough  to have found the love of my life, his name is Edward. We both live together in our little 18th C home in South Wales. If you find the odd dog hair it is compliments of our yellow lab Otto, who insisted on helping pack your box. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and happy new year,

Love your friend in the country J x"

What a lovely letter and so jealous of your dog. We live with my parents and they won't let us have one!

Now to my box:

Two handmade christmas decorations in red (my favourite colour) - they shall go on our tree!
A spotty red make up bag.
A little red handbag - so sweet.
A tin of red snoopy sweets - yum yum!
A wildlife in the city book - will definitely be read!
Enid Blyton adventurous four book - loved reading her when I was little!
A handmade brooch - lovely patterns on it
A very curious old glass bottle
A home made tweedy tissue cover
A homemade hot water bottle cover plus 2 panda brooches! saved the best till last as pandas are my absolute obsession and I collect anything with them on!

Thank you, its so nice that someone who you don't even  know spends time putting it all together and thinking about you!

Thank you my countryside friend - hope you and Edward have a happy life together!
love CJ x"


Our favourite item is without doubt the panda hot water bottle cover. Wowzers! 


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  1. I am so glad you like the box! I really enjoyed putting it together for you. I was going for a sort of country in the city approach with lots of added fun.