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26 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #3

When this box landed in our inbox last night we thought we might expire with the utter beauty of the contents of this box. WOW! It has everything-a glittery box, Christmas decoration, handmade beauties, vintage galore and even a little something made by our sponsor The Vintage Drawer. Lucky recipient Jane tells us more...

"There is truth in the benefits of deferred gratification: my Curiosity Box arrived last weekend and I enjoyed it even more for the wait. I'd been out for dinner the night before with a group of old friends and was just sitting on the guest bed chatting to my friend who'd stayed over, wearing my dressing gown, fluffy socks and bed-hair. The door knocker went and I knew what it would be straight away. It took only a nano-second to decide - open the door to the postman in my present undignified state or pick the parcel up from the sorting office later? The postman commented on how lovely I looked in my dressing gown.

I waited impatiently until my daughter arrived home so that she could open my box with me. (I had opened hers with her.) It was incredibly well wrapped up in black plastic and totally covered in tape, so the delicate unwrapping was quickly replaced by sawing away with a knife... to reveal a sparkly gold box tied with red ribbon and, inside, a collection of wonderful things. How did my curious friend know I'm such an avid reader? The beautiful handmade linen bookmark is already a treasure. 

The three really fine embroidered handkerchiefs will look stunning in some simple darkwood frames; the little glass bottle will stand on my kitchen window with little flowers in it; the pretty silver teaspoon is perfect with the trios of antique cups, saucers and plates I'm beginning to collect; I'll love adding the handmade tree decoration to my collection of others that come out each Christmas. So many lovely things to exclaim over.

The vintage notelets are perfect, and I loved the personal touch of the post card from my home town. Yes, I do know the view very well. Just to the left would be the tudor Christchurch mansion. I've walked my baby grandson around the round pond a couple of times. Whatever happened to Mrs. Carter?

So thank you to my curious friend for such a treat. My son has photographed it all for me."

Just beautiful. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it! 



  1. omg this is such a beautiful box!! xxx

  2. hi everyone hope you are all well?
    what a lovely box to receive,i love Christchurch mansion and live in Ipswich.it is a small world and this project shows it is filled with some wonderful people.xxx