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28 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #5

Our second post of the day comes from recipient Katy who sent us an absolute stonker of an email and it's an extra special one today in which we send our condolences and give the sender of this parcel a pat on the back for their timing...

"Dear mystery person,

First of all, your timing couldn't have been better.  I thought my parcel must still be a couple of weeks away, and you're certainly more organised than I am (although I've been planning for the last few weeks to go and do all of my shopping at a Christmas market next weekend).  I got home from work on Friday night to find a card from the postman, shortly before I got a phone call to tell me they were expecting my aunt to die fairly shortly (sad now that we've finally come to it, but we've actually been expecting it any time for the last 2 months, and she'd been ready since the summer so mixed in with the sadness is relief that she's not suffering). So this morning, after my mother phoned to tell me that she'd died around dawn, I got to walk a mile and a half through lovely winter sunshine and crispy leaves to the post office and back. This turned out to be just what I needed, as the walk was ideal to give me time to think about the news and sort my head out. I hadn't even thought that your parcel might turn up on the same day, because we've been trying to pretend that we all believed she'd still be here for one last family Christmas, but I'm so glad it did. Knowing that I'd got something so lovely to look forward to helped me so much while I was in that limbo period of knowing the news would come soon, but still waiting for it. The box would have been lovely and whimsical and a delight to open on any day, but today it was valued even more. Thank you for unknowingly getting me through what would have been a terribly sad day without your curious parcel.

That makes a change for Royal Mail eh? Teee hee!

The outside was beautifully decorated, with stars and cheerful messages.  I particularly liked the back of the parcel, with the warning to "open carefully - I'm full of surprises". I did indeed open it carefully, to find a prettily wrapped box and a lovely note instructing me to start with the tin.  And the BFG stamp/references were a wonderful way to set the tone for the rest of the box. I took the wrapping paper off to read the same quote from Alice that I'd been planning to write on my own box! and a lovely reference to some fabric packing supplies you hoped I would appreciate and that had come from your own collection.  When I lifted the lid, I saw pretty tissue paper which folded back to reveal a box stuffed with goodies. 

As instructed, I started with the tin which was a very sweet Christmassy tin, containing two tea bags and some chocolate Christmas puddings. Ever so cute.

Next I looked into the rest of the box and decided to start with the package attached to the Santa postcard - you can see it sitting on the two lovely. There was a lovely message on the card, and more highly decorative stamps. This first package contained some adorable food labels, which I'm really looking forward to sticking on things, and I can see why you want to get some for yourself too.  

Next came 3 cute tubes of hand cream. I think my favourite is the bluebell, but I can see myself changing my mind on that frequently. I like the suggestion of keeping them in 3 different places.  Thank you.  

The next little package I came to contained snow! I think it might be getting mixed up and scattered around the base of the tree in a few weeks.

After that (I could't believe how many things you'd got in this box - it seemed never ending!) was another parcel with a third postcard attached. This one explained how you'd sent one of your favourite books, and gave me some lovely detail about the circumstances in which you'd read it - people may be able to read your comments in the photo, but if they can't see it too well, the book's J G Ballard, Empire of the Sun.  Which I've never read, so I'll look forward to taking it away with me over Christmas. 

And there was still more to come. Next, I got to a pretty little box containing a hand made brooch followed by a sweet scented little parcel. When I opened this one, I found a Cath Kidson soap to match one of the hand creams. It smells lovely. Then, another box with an enticingly poetic label - "For your tree made by me". This turned out to contain a lovely little Christmas tree, which I'm looking forward to hanging on the real thing.  I love the button baubles.

And finally, I'd explained in my notes about myself that I'd just taken up sewing, and patchworking, but that I'd never mastered wool-based stuff like knitting.  So your last package, and 4th postcard, is a challenge for me! A little Santa french knitting doll.  I vaguely remember learning how to do this as a child, and I'm happy to accept your challenge, along with the invitation to look at a craft outside of my comfort zone. 

I'm amazed and very grateful to have received so many adorable things - thank you so much for all the thought you put into every gift.  I love it all, especially the fabrics - the back story just makes them extra special.  I hope you get something from your mystery person that shows even half as much creativity and care."

The knitting dolls are a great way to introduce yourself to knitting slowly Katy-honestly, it's such a relaxing craft, you'll love it!



  1. Katy, I am so glad my parcel arrived that day, I am honoured to have helped in my own tiny way.

    I am so pleased that you liked the things I put together for you! I have been manically checking the track and trace website for news but it didn't update, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see this lovely post after a day at work.

    Best Wishes


  2. Thank you again, so much. And you'll be pleased to know I took up your challenge and completed my first small bit of French Knitting, which is forming the cord for a decoration I've made to put in my curious box! That seemed quite appropriate, somehow.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Empire of the Sun is my favourite book too!!! I can't believe this is on here! It's totally made my day and lifted my mood :)