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29 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #7

This box is full of giggles. Wind up Lederhosen? Face paint crayons? Errr hello!

"My box. It has arrived! Well, it arrived a little while ago but after a stress attempt to get it redelivered it took a wee while to get my paws on it. But by the time I did the anticipation was excruciating (unfortunately our sorting office is very far away and I needed to wait for the post office to bring it back to me). It was then delivered to my office, but I was working from a different office that day so still had to wait! But it was worth it. When I arrived at the office there was a big pink box sitting on my desk which I promptly took home (to the curious envy of all colleagues!) 

Clearly when I got home the first thing I did was find my camera and start opening. Under the lovely pink packaging was a sparkly Christmas box (complete with bubble wrap-yay!). Inside I found a lovely little card (which my cat had to inspect) and discovered each gift was wrapped individually in pink tissue paper. Almost all of them had little tags on them with helpful words that indeed made me smile. The first gift I opened was a pair of windup hopping lederhosen. I knew this was going to be a good box. 

The other wonderful contents were: 
*pack of red polka dot paper napkins
*great handmade stocking
*heart covered address book
*sparkly gold noisemaker
*mini lion jigsaw puzzle
*mini crayon set
*face paint crayons
*little cross stitch with a girl and a letter G (and strangely enough, my second name starts with G!)
*foam aeroplane
*Christmas teddy bear kaleidoscope with a Christmas teddy bear stamp! 

It was all quite awesome, though my cat did enjoy the tissue paper more than the gifts. He was quite the wee helper. Now I can't wait to get mine out which is definitely coming together (especially now pay day has arrived!). 

Merry Curiousmas everyone! 

xxx Tammy"

Curiousmas. We LOVE that! 



  1. oooh! this was my box! I'm soooo glad it was liked. I have been waiting to see it pop up on here and when it didn't show up I thought my curious person had hated it but am really glad to hear it was just a postal glitch! lol! Merry Christmas Tammy!

    Nikki xx

  2. Thanks so much Nikki! Couldn't believe how quickly it came (from you, not the post office :D)


  3. Yes, I was very eager to get involved with this project and as I work from home (sewing!) I just prioritised The Curiosity Project one morning and sewed into the evening that day instead ;) I'm most pleased that you liked the stocking as thats the item that I made and I was nervous as people tend to love or hate Cath Kidston prints!

    I'm still eagerly awaiting my box, I'm getting ridicuously excited now!

    Merry Christmas! Nikki xx