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25 November 2011

DIY Paper Christmas Baubles With Jeska Herne

This weekend we're kicking off our DIY mini series with a gorgeously simple project created especially for you by Jeska Herne from aspirational lifestyle blog Lobster & Swan...

Paper Christmas Baubles 

you will need-
Vintage map or decorative paper
Double sided tape
Cocktail sticks
Rubber stamp
Ink pad
Thin twine, thread or wool
Large eyed needle
Small luggage labels
Large and small craft paper punch (or two different sized circle templates, pencil and scissors)

☞  Cut 5 large circles and 15 small from your chosen paper, I used a vintage navigational chart, stamp each of the larger paper rounds with the design of your choice and when dry fold each circle in half, image on the inside. 

☞  Pop a tiny strip of double sided tape or glue on the plain side of each fold, line up your next circle and stick the half moons together, repeat until the five form a sphere.

☞  Stick each sphere in a cocktail stick and carefully paint the edges with glue. 

☞  Over a small bowl shake over the glitter until it covers all the glue on all five sides, shake off excess glitter stand somewhere to dry.

☞  Meanwhile stamp and decorate your luggage labels and loop a length of string through the hole. 

☞  When your glittered edges are dry use the needle to guide two small, the large and the final small bauble onto the string, tie a knot and hang! 

Simply brilliant, don't you think? And because Jeska is such a superstar, we have a...


Fancy winning your own perfect little box containing everything you need to make one little paper bauble? Jeska has one to give away to a lucky winner!

Here's how to enter:

Simply leave a comment telling us where you'd like to hang your bauble and why. Your answer can be as meaningful or comical as you like...although be careful not to offend too much with naughty words ;-) Jeska will pick the winner for us next Friday 2nd December.

Go forth my pretties and create wonderful things!


Image Credits:
All images © Jeska Herne


  1. I'd like to decorate them all over my desk in my office as we don't have Christmas decorations at work and it would cheer me up everytime I look at it! :)

  2. I would love to hang it off my ear... I reckon it'd make a lovely Christmas earring! ;)

  3. I absolutely love Jeska's blog, so inspiring.

    I'd love to make them into a christmas garland to hang about my small flat, along with some acorn decorations I have made!

  4. I would love to hang it in our large livingroom window, should be very pretty when the sun is shining and in dark days brightens up the place!

  5. I would hang it in our new home in Ireland. This would lift my spirit when I miss my family and friends back home.

  6. I'd like to hang it around the neck of my 'festive fox', an old fox ornament I covered in glitter a long time ago... but he's getting old now and his glitter is fading, so he needs a helping hand!

  7. I'd love to hang it in my office to help the dreariness go by on cold days...

  8. In my new room - I live in staff accomodation and not allowed a tree up ( lights etc = h & s hazard apparently grrrrrr!) so this would make my room nice and festive! x

  9. In my hallway so as soon as I walk in there is something festive and cheering x

  10. These gorgeous baubles would look perfect hung on my white painted branch that I'll be using as my Christmas tree this year.

  11. I would love to spend the cold winter evenings curled up, making these with my boyfriend for our first Xmas. They would leave a treasure trail from the front door into the flat hanging from the hallway lights :)

  12. I would love to hang them on all my vintage mirrors around my house so that it looks like I have twice as many xx

  13. I love these!! And I love it not only with Christmas.. but also in spring and summer and autumn! With different paper! Thanks for sharing!
    Many greets from the Netherlands.
    With love, Herma

  14. I would love to hand the baubles in my newly decorated workroom. I would keep them up all year round to provide inspiration.
    Fingers and toes firmly crossed!
    Love Vickie X

  15. These would look totally awesome in my house but the best would be to win a kit so I could make them together with my lovely niece who will be visiting this Christmas. We would make a bunch and then she could take some with her to hang in her room and remember me as I would remember her seeing mine. xoxox

  16. I would love to win, I would hang it in my bedroom to make it more festive and would probably keep it up all year as it goes with the decor in my room. Making these would be a great way to pass the time on those horrible winter days.