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21 October 2011

Share The Love: Box #51

Good Morning you curious lot! Very shortly we'll be revealing our BRAND NEW SITE and our uber exciting Christmas Project, so WATCH THIS SPACE! But first...a little something from Michelle...






I arrived home one evening, and there in my mail box was a little red card from the post office! I planned to get up early to make it to the post office before my train to work the next day.

I waited excitedly at the post office the next morning until my package was slipped through the little hatch! Determined to wait until I got home that night so I could savour every moment and take some pictures whilst I opened the box, I stowed it safely in my handbag!

I got home at 7, fit to bursting and unable to wait another second! What a beautiful package it was too - lovely paper and expertly and lovingly wrapped.

It was filled with such wonder, entirely things that I myself would pick and keep and send and use.

It was all accompanied by a lovely vintage photo with a note on the back reading

"Dear Curious Person, I hope you or a friend find a good use for each of the things in this box, they each represent a little part of me. With kindest wishes, Another Curious Person. x"

Such a lovely note and such a lovely gift!

I particularly love the calculator - which I have taken to work and used many times already, and had several compliments on it too :) 

And the bottle cap with a picture of twins inside it - I am a twin! 

Thank You so much to my curious pal! It is like you know me!


1 comment:

  1. Oh I sent this one! I'm so glad you liked it Michelle :-) I hope all the little decorating bits come in useful!
    Sophie x