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21 November 2011

A Special Connection

This story is sure to warm the cockles of your heart on this cold November evening. During our first project, one of our participants got in touch to say her parcel had been returned and, given that her recipient lived down the road, would we get in touch to ask if she could deliver it in person. It just so happened that Chantelle had been having problems with post going missing and was indeed very happy to have the parcel delivered in person. Here she tells of us the heartwarming moment she met Natalie and realised just how special the connection they share is...

"Dear Tiffany,

When I started this project, I didn't realise the impact it would have on my life or indeed be the beginning of a new friendship.  Here is our story...

I waited in anticipation for my Curious Partner to arrive as I was to unusually receive my box in person! At 1pm, as arranged, the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find my Curious Partner shyly (or nervously!) standing on the doorstep holding a beautifully wrapped box.

It didn't take me long to dip into my pretty present (all of about 10 seconds from the moment I closed the door) but what I didn't expect was the love and emotion that flowed from the beautiful and touching words she'd written in the letter she'd included.  Carefully wrapped in the box was several gorgeous items - each one when opened, brought with it a sense that they belonged in my home; almost as if they had found their way back. With each dip into the box for the next beautiful gift, the tears flowed.
Let me explain … the letter enclosed in the box, held a precious memory for my Curious Partner... her grandparents had lived in my very road and she, as a little girl had spent many happy times at their home which is almost directly across from mine. What was even more remarkable, upon speaking to her father about her grandparent’s home and this project, he remembers his sister had had a teenage friend who had lived at no.19 – no.19 is my house number! Our home has been in my partners’ family for just over 50 years and my late Mother in Law lived there for her entire life until she passed away 4 years ago, unfortunately though, she is not the friend remembered after all these years. It is extraordinary to find out a little more history and to discover that someone, other than our family also has treasured memories of the four walls I now call home!
Each gift was so carefully chosen and so heartfelt that describing them almost feels as though I couldn’t do the memories behind them justice!
I’ll start with Alice and Wonderland - I’d never read Alice in Wonderland as an adult and relished in story that afternoon and had a little giggle when it got to the part my Curious Partner had referred to in her letter ‘“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice’. The book was included for those very words!
Everyone loves a cup of tea, but none more than my Curious Partners Nan, so the box contained an exquisite porcelain cup and saucer, an embroidered table cloth and the recipe for Nan's Fairy Cakes – the cup and saucer is the only item which I separated from the rest of the box and put up on my kitchen shelf along with other little precious nick-naks I’ve found over the years. I spend hours teaching my 10 year old stepson to cook but he really loves baking cakes so we are going to make “Nan's Fairy Cakes” for my birthday in a few weeks and we’ll lay our tea tray with the embroidered table cloth. We are both looking forward to our day making a memory... Also enclosed was a teabag purse – This was something I’d never seen before so looked it up further on the tinterweb… a tea bag purse a little pouch for carrying flavoured teabags in your handbag – I love the idea and although I don’t particularly like any flavoured tea, I do love Rooibos (Red Bush tea) which is a South African Herbal tea and have started to carry my own bags into work.
Thank you Natalie for touching my life through your own memories – Something I’ve said from the day I received your box is that we were brought together to share these memories for a reason - I hope that we can continue to make memories that we can share one day with our children and how the Curiosity Project brought our two families together!

Tiffany, thank you for bringing us together and for this amazing project. We doubt anyone one else has been able to meet as we have and for this we are grateful.

Many thanks

Serendipity is a wonderful thing!


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  1. I never expected The Curiosity Project to be such an emotional trip down memory lane but that is exactly what it was, for me and my family! I knew that the project would be full of like-minded, generous and kind-hearted people taking part and I feel very privileged to have met my curious partner in person.

    Chantelle delivered her Curiosity Box to me in person and when I saw her standing there with a large, sparkly, silver box in her arms I could hardly contain my excitement. But I waited a few hours until my toddler was safely tucked up in bed! Chantelle stayed for over an hour, chatting and drinking tea with me and I felt like I was with an old friend.

    When I finally opened the beautiful box, inside I found:
    • A lovely ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign which is now in my hallway
    • A soy teacup candle
    • An inspirational ‘Always believe in your dreams’ calendar
    • A beaded guardian angel which is currently on my Christmas tree but will be on display all year round
    • 3 handmade, beautifully scented mini cushions to tuck into my drawers with my clothes

    Chantelle also emailed me the letter that she wanted to include which had blown away on her way to me! It was such a heartfelt letter that it reduced me to tears. It also included her Gramma’s recipe for a Christmas Cake which I have now made. I am feeding it on a regular basis!

    Thank you Tiffany for organising such an amazing project and giving me the opportunity to meet such a great person.

    Natalie x