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12 November 2011

URGENT NOTICE: Missing Email Addresses

This is an urgent call to the following entrants who missed off their email address on their registrations:

Michelle Oppezzo-Scott
Rebecca Findlay
Laura Cutress
Amber Scott
Sara Hook
Donna Ratcliffe

If you can please get in touch TODAY to confirm your address we can add you to the draw.

Addresses will be sent out on Nov 14th so if we don't hear from you soon we won't be able to include you.


Miss Curiosity



  1. I havent heard anything about my recipient yet.... should i be concerned yet? x

  2. Hi Naomi,

    If your surname is Claxton then you should already have received it. Have you made sure it's not in your junk mail?

  3. surname is dixon.... i've been checking my junk mail, im pretty sure the thankyou page came up when i submitted... can you find my details anywhere? x

  4. Ni Naomi,

    Your address was actually sent on Saturday with the others but we've re-sent it for you. Double check that junk mail.

  5. yaaaaaay i've got it, thank you so much for re-sending it! x