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16 November 2011

You Get Crafty!

Following our first Creative Juice post featuring the work of paper cutter Rob Ryan, we invited you to have a go yourselves and we heard back from Karlyn...

"In response to your article about Rob Ryan I have been making paper cuts too. All sorts, and it came about because I bought a print of his work and could not afford the real deal. Being a bit crafty myself I took it upon myself to make my own and have been making them for me and for others since then. I am sending a few of my bits of work for you to re-post if you think they are worth it. 

The trees I do to order for a small fee and just enjoy making them."

We think Karlyn's pieces are utterly gorgeous-you clever lady you!



  1. these are stunning! :) x

  2. Hello!

    Would we be able to commission a piece for Karlyn to do? They are so beautiful, I think they'd make a lovely thoughtful christmas gift for my Mum and Dad

  3. Here is a link to Karlyn's business facebook page:-)


  4. If you'd like to get in touch with Karlyn re a commissioned piece, please get in touch via the link above.