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1 December 2011

Creative Juice: Tiny Owl Knits & The Beekeeper's Quilt

We've coveted this gorgeous project from Tiny Owl Knits for some time now, yet Miss Curiosity is still choosing to shy away from its awesomeness. She has no idea how to start. She's forgotten how to knit...yet the idea of sitting snuggled on the sofa knitting these beauties night after night just makes her feel happy...

the beekeeper's quilt from tinyowlknits on Vimeo.

If you decide to give it a go, keep us updated with your progress, we'd LOVE to see it!

Also, a quick reminder that our fantastic Lobster & Swan Christmas decoration giveway ends tomorrow and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning when we introduce our next amazingly beautiful project...


1 comment:

  1. you should give it a try! i'm 105 hexis in and its so addictive!