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1 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #10

We love how the clever sender of this box of gifts decided to build a game into the excitement of opening everything...

"My Curiosity Box arrived today, the last day of November, it had been a long day, and I waited until my little one was tucked up in bed before opening it, as I knew he'd be curious too. 

I loved how my box had a game to play to determine the order to open the individual parcels - I love games and we have a games night every Saturday in our house. I had to unscramble the anagram to spell the word... curiosity! 

 The C was for Create - a snowman decoration, plus one to create myself - I love crafts and teach sewing, so it is perfect!
The U was for Uplift - containing the poem The Road Less Travelled, written out beautifully on lovely paper, which I will frame and put somewhere to read each day
The R was for Read - the book A Christmas Carol, which I haven't read (and am looking forward to reading and reflecting!) 
The I was for Illuminate - an Advent Candle - so glad it arrived today - I am looking forward to teaching my little one about advent
The O was for Organise - a 2012 diary which I am so looking forward to using - I made a disastrous attempt to make my own diary for 2012, and I am so pleased I now have an alternative. 
The S was for Soak - lovely Lush bath and shower gel - smells wonderful
The I was for Indulge - mmm Chocolates. Very curiously, they are from Lisburn, where I have some wonderful relatives.
The T was for Thank - I will be using this card for someone special this Holiday season. 
And the Y was for Why Not? A keep calm badge - useful to remind me to stop, relax and have a cuppa before carrying on.  I am prone to overreacting.... 

So, lovely, thoughtful, personal gifts. It means so much that someone I don't know spent so long choosing, thinking, wrapping and putting such a lot of time into this Project.  Thank you so much Louise!!!!! 

Merry Christmas to all, and thank you Tiffany for organising. 

Sarah xx"

The Snow Fairy bubble bath is a favorite of Miss Curiosity's-it reminds her of the smell of Calpol as a child!  


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