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17 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #100

"My box has arrived and it was such a wondrous delight. 

My work involves recording people's stories and life experiences. It's a great job. But sometimes it can be a bit heavy and hard going depending on how tricky people's lives are. The morning my box arrived had been one of the harder ones with a chap who had been through some awful things in the last year. To come home to this package so full of thought and love and charm was e x a c t l y what I needed. And it has kept me smiling for days. 

What I loved about the gift was that it was such a well thought out mix of practical and beautiful and thoughtful and creative. I love each of those elements. The beautiful white paper decoration atop the tissue paper was a wonderful way into the box. It has since found its way onto our Christmas tree - in fact, it was the first decoration on there.

I'll be taking the silly jokes up to my family over Christmas. My dad and husband are the kings of ridiculous humour (my dad's classic joke: "have you just farted?" "no!" "oh, you must always smell like that"...) so they are going to LOVE this gift and my nephews will love learning them all and repeating and repeating and repeating them until I cry.

One of my favourite foods is pie, and so to find the bird pie funnel was such a ruddy treat. I can't wait to try out the garlic peeler - it looks so nifty. I'll put garlic in the pie. Maybe I'll make a turkey pie! I liked the cinnamon wrapped in ribbon, it made the box smell of Christmas. I stole that idea when I made my box! 

Whoever put this gift together is a true blue legend. Thank you so so much."

Lisa x

GO crazy pie lady! GO!!!!!


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  1. so glad you liked it!!! Merry Christmas to you my curious friend! x