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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #101

"I saw the postman drive up in his van but had ordered a few items for Christmas presents over the internet so wasn't sure what he was bringing. When I saw him at the front door with a large square box I knew it had to be my curiosity box.
I was so excited but first had to find the camera before opening.
It was just like Christmas day except that it took me ages to unwrap all the items in the parcel as my 15 week old baby decided it was lunch time.


The box was wrapped in brown paper and string and had a luggage tag attached saying 'Are you curious about the contents of this box? Well why not take a peek'. The brown paper revealed a festive reindeer box and inside another luggage tag with HELLO spelt from scrabble letters as well as many packages all wrapped in brown paper and string.
The sender had put in a great amount of effort...each separate parcel had a typed label or typed vintage postcard.

The items included ;

A selection of tree decorations (2 bells for my little girls, 1 vintage and 1 handmade paper bauble)
A balloon modelling kit, which my 3 year old will go bananas for when she sees it
A pink and gilt sparkly vintage bird brooch
A selection of homemade badges
A candy cane
Two Christmas crackers for my girls
The Victorian book of dreams (apparently it is always good to dream about peas!)
A handmade deer snowglobe
A selection of vintage pictures and postcards
A CD of Christmas songs

The CD must have taken a lot of time and consideration as there is a typed up song list - except instead of song titles a line of lyrics from each song is listed, we have to guess the song from the lyrics. How strange that we had been talking about buying some festive tunes only the day before!!

I absolutely love my curiosity box, my favourite items are the snow globe, which has taken pride of place on my Christmas fireplace and vintage postcards (I have a project in mind for these).
I want to say a big thank you to my sender who had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the box, as well as great taste. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas to H xx"

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