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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #102

 "I found my box sitting behind a plant pot next to my front door and it was soaked through so I think it may have been there for a couple of days!  When I unwrapped it the box inside wasn't damaged at all and my 5-year old daughter took on the role of Chief Box Opener and Present Unwrapper.

Inside the box was:

- Some recipes for chocolate mulled wine (can't wait to try that!), soup and chocolate guinness cake (very yum)
- Candy canes
- Little chocolate bars
- Sparkly votive candles
- Tin of tiny sparklers
- Christmas cupcake cases
- Two Christmas tea lights in the shape of a snowman and a gingerbread house (I LOVE these!)
- Sewing kit in a pretty tin
- Cute Christmas napkins
- Bag of spice to make mulled wine
- Small box of Christmas snowflakes sparkles
- Pretty magnets spelling 'home sweet home'
- Two lovely metal hanging decorations with bells on which are now hanging on my Christmas tree

Everything was so beautifully wrapped with little notes and my daughter and I had great fun unwrapping and looking at everything!  My sender had really kindly made sure there were a few things in there suitable for a 5-year old girl and I loved absolutely everything.  It certainly brought a huge smile to my face when we were going through all the contents - thank you so much curious friend!!"

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