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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #104

"I received my box this morning after waiting for it with all of the patience of a five year old on Christmas morning.  

It was carefully wrapped in colorful paper and I loved that my curious friend had individually wrapped all of the items in the box and written a little note explaining each one.  The gifts were all wonderful.  

There was:

A great card with drawings by David Shrigley (I am a fan of his work, especially the tattoo section on his website!)

 A beautiful mug with line drawings of London.  I love line drawings and obviously being a Londoner I'm a pretty big fan of our Capital city! There were also and two mini packets of Teapigs tea which I love but I'd never tried the flavours my friend sent me, so I'm looking forward to a nice cup of tea and a sit down, as suggested by my curious friend.

Purple is my favourite colour and I've started taking a note book with me everywhere I go to note down ideas and inspiration, so the purple notebook was perfect. 

A cool wallet to put my oyster card in.

A book with a note that explained my curious friend spends all Christmas reading (me too!)

A diary illustrated with beautifully designed album covers: 

 There were some glow in the dark stars "in case it's cloudy and you can't see the stars".  I forgot to take a picture of them sadly and I have to nip out now but I love a glow in the dark star and I even went as far as covering a whole outfit in them for a festival this summer!

And last but by no means least a Scraperfoil.  I think I like this best of all of the gifts for reasons of nostalgia.  Their note explained that they always used to get one in their Christmas stocking.  Well I have vivid memories of making a Scraperfoil picture for my Nan as a Christmas present when I was around 8, so this really did bring back happy memories.

I loved my curiosity box.  Thanks so much to my curious friend.  And if it happens to be you, do leave a comment and say hello, won't you?"

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