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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #105

"My sister came round on Thursday evening to pick something up from me, and she brought with her my Curiosity Box, woohooooo!  I was wondering when it would arrive, especially as the blog had been choc-a-block with postings!

I received a lovely box wrapped with shimmery gold paper, and when I opened it, there were lots of little stars at the bottom (which are now decorating my floor, must remember to pick them up before I vacuum later!).
Inside the box were four individually wrapped parcels, and I could smell something sort of spicy from inside, which smelled very much like a Lush product!  Some lovely star shaped tags were attached to each one, to let me know a bit about what was inside.

I read the card first, which has a very, very cute little polar bear on the front, who must be hand drawn.  I absolutely love polar bears, and this is a very cute cub :)

Next I opened the big parcel, what could this be?  Ooh, lovely, a notebook for all my recipes.  I'm one of those people who print out loads of recipes and then have to hunt around through all the pieces of paper to find the one I want, so this will come in very handy!  There is even a brownies recipe inside which I will indeed try over the holidays.

I was intrigued by the next parcel and got a lovely surprise of a gorgeous umbrella necklace.  I'm going to see a choral concert tonight, so I think I'll wear that later.  I really like quirky necklaces :D

 Third parcel, is a lovely bar of dark, dark, daaaaaarrrrrrrrrrk chocolate!  Mmmmmmmm, I wonder if I can put some of this in the brownies that I make?

Last, but not least, parcel, that spicy smell was indeed a bubble bar from Lush.  I am a bit of a Lush addict at the moment, so this was also a lovely surprise!

Thank you very much my curious friend, all your gifts are very much appreciated (even the box, I love boxes!).  I hope you too enjoy the festive season!"

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  1. Dear my recipient! I am so glad you enjoyed the box! How did those brownies turn out?