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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #106

"I've just opened my curious box. Diolch, diolch, diolch to the sender! I loved receiving it and I love everything in it.

I've been working away this week, planting trees in a new wood in Mid Wales. My boyfriend told me that one of the cards from the postman had come to say a parcel was waiting for me, I was very excited at the thought and asked him to pick it up for me but he didn't think he could pass as a 'Miss Curiosity'!

The box was covered in polka dot material and smelt really nice. There are a few clues that the sender must be involved in music as the return address was to the Swn festival which my boyfriend tells me is a welsh music festival in Cardiff. There was a CD in my box - one of the sender's all time favourites - which I am listening to now and I really like. There is a badge saying 'Spillers records est 1894' which my boyfriend also recognised as an independent record shop in Cardiff (I've looked it up on the internet and its 'The oldest record shop in the world' which is pretty amazing). So next time I'm in Cardiff I will have a look for Spillers records.

Inside the box there were some Christmas tinsel decorations, chocolate decorations and cinnamon sticks. The first parcel I opened was a bag of buttons, then there was a paddington bear book, some sparklers (I love sparklers), a little box with a lovely felt owl brooch (my mum collects owls but she's not collecting this one!) and a travel backgammon (good for the Christmas train journey). There was a page out of an old bird book with a bullfinch on one side and a linnet on the other, I'm going to try and make something using this. I received an excellent diary/journal called 'Today is super' which has space for writing, drawing and inspiration for each day (and includes stickers!). I am definitely going to use this. Another way to spread the love is a notecard and sticker set so I can send notes to my friends.

My boyfriend said I was like a six year old at Christmas opening my box, which I think is the highest praise for the box, my sender and the whole project. Thank you very much!"

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