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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #108

"I have now been reunited with my gorgeous curious box and simple adore everything in it. The aroma coming out of the box is amazing full of festive cheer and the goodies from Lush are smell good enough to eat

It was filled with lovely hand written notes explaining the gift and the meaning behind them. My yummy reindeer chocolate bar lasted all of 5min! 

I will be rocking my earrings and bracelet tonight and thinking of my gorgeous curious friend whilst wearing them.

I just love love love the handmade decorations, I have already hung them in my room to add some festive cheer. I will be making my paper chains over the next few days with my nieces who have already run off with them!

My curious friends rocks."

1 comment:

  1. This box was from me (Alice!) so glad you liked it. It so fantastic - even if I am surprised you picked the decorations as your fave! Ha.

    Much love,