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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #109

"As I stood in the post office queue this morning, quarrying impatiently to get to the front to get my box, I didn't anticipate quite how mind blowing it would be! Explaining to the post man why my name wasn't on the front was interesting too...

I rushed home, laden with christmas shopping, and took my time opening the parcel.

I opened the card first, which contained a quote from "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" I've never seen it....but booked cinema tickets for next week to see it for the first time ever with my little sister! coincidental!

The little presents were brilliant! Lots of handmade goodies - a roving angel, a crocheted decoration, some ribbon round a dolly peg and a enormous christmas tree cookie. The biggest pine cone you have ever seen, all wired and beribboned, ready for hanging up.
Some great bits and pieces for sewing, lovely flower headed pins and a wee fat quarter of christmas fabric.
The coincidences continue...a bottle of Limoncello, my fav liqueur and the only one I've ever made successfully at home. Beautiful!
A reindeer cookie cutter... I had to throw mine out last week cause dough kept getting stuck in the legs-this is a much better shape.
And last but definitely not least a Dorothy Whipple book by Persephone Books. This had me completely freaked out, I love most of the persephone collection but Dorothy Whipple outed the one author I adore and it's a book I haven't read yet. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined getting something this apt and unusual in my box!

Thank you so much my curious friend. I really appreciate all the thought and good will in your box, and it has made my day, if not my christmas!"

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