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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box # 110

"I had a feeling in my heeled pumps that'd I'd get my curious box this morning, so certain I was I snuck down to the front door in my building to check if the postie had been (he is a little lazy and tends to just leave undeliverable cards rather ringing the bell) sadly there was nothing for me!!! So I trudged back to bed, not 20 mins later did the doorbell ring and there was my postman with a massive box wrapped in brown paper! It was sooooo big it needed a van to deliver it! "EEEEK" I cried at my bemused postman "it's my Curious Box thank you!!!"

I rushed back upstairs and woke up my boyfriend, who was up till that point enjoying a nice lie in, and started ripping open the brown paper, to find a beautiful christmassy box filled with utter delights!!!!

This was my first Curious Box Project and I had thought my bit of blurb about myself I had written when joining up was rather long and rambling (I tend to ramble) but after looking through the gifts I received I felt like my Curious Friend had known me for years and knew exactly the kinds of things I loved!

Here's what was in my box:

* A Beautiful Handmade Card with a Crimbo Betty Boop on the cover!
* A Christmas Compilation CD, that was full of classic Christmas songs that I utterly love! My boyfriend (who is rather a music snob) also loved it and is stealing it away to work with him (he works at a Indie record label, so that's certainly praise indeed!)
* Hand-knitted Rowena the Robin, which I is utterly cute & I think my flatmate can't stop cuddling! ha ha!
* Knitted Christmas Dishcloths, which are so pretty I can't bare to use them!
* A Red Ribbon Bow Hair Clip, I will be wearing it tonight at my boyfriends gig! Love it!
* Tatty Divine Cat Ring, I was so excited when I saw this it is actually on my Christmas list, Tatty Divine is my favourite jewellery company
* A Mini Bottle of Hendricks Gin, I am a self confessed gin soak! :)
* Chocolate Money, it's not Christmas without it!
* A Recipe for gingerbread biscuits & a Angel Cookie Cutter, I loved this I sent my own Xmas Spiced Biscuits recipe to My Curious friend and I'm delighted I got a recipe back. I will be cooking this recipe tomorrow and giving them to all my family and friends as presents!
* A Copy of "The Gentlewoman" Magazine, a publication I am a massive fan of
* A packet of Christmas Rose Seeds, I promise I will try and grow them, but I have a history of killing plants but this might be my lucky packet of seeds!
* Rockabilly Iron On Embroidery Patches, I love these I can't wait to try these out!

I am overwhelmed by the love and attention that my new Curious Friend has put into the making and putting this amazing box of wonders together! Thank you so much Miss Curiosity, your project is just so amazing, it's bringing so much Christmassy loveliness to so many people!!!

Love Morgan xxx"


  1. Oh wow - I sent this box! Morgan, I LOVED making and collecting things for this project - I'm thrilled that you like it. The list you gave was really helpful - I feel like I know you a little bit now :-) Have a super awesome Christmas!

    Lots of love - Becky xxx

  2. Oh Becky thankyou so much! I totally loved everything in it! I made some gingerbread angels yesterday, they are going to be christmas presents, i've already made what looks like hundreds of them!

    Have a fantastic Christmas and thankyou again!
    Morgs xxxx