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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #111

"My box arrived and I immediately noticed the cute Cath Kidston stickers decorating it; "this bodes well!" I thought.  My 2 year old Daughter pushed in and opened the box, but I snaffled the gifts and let her play with the 'snow' packaging instead.

 Each gift was wrapped in tissue and had a little tag with instructions like "Eat Me" or "Make Me". The contents included:-

A beautiful worry doll

A fab card with wooden Robin tree decoration on the front (which now lives in our Christmas tree)

Some yummy sweets (all gone already!!)

 A kit to make a felt heart decoration ( SO up my street)

Santa's Magic Key (this was great to use to explain how Santa gets in to deliver the presents!)

Some cute tags which I'll be using on my handmade cards

A gorgeous fabric brooch

Reindeer food that my Daughter is going to LOVE sprinkling on the lawn.

and a very curious box labelled "Open on Christmas Day" - exciting!

A massive thank you to my curious sender and to you for organising the project. It's been wonderful and I can't wait to join in next year."

Rozelle Faulkner

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