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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #112

"Well, I was sat watching the Emmerdale repeats with a cup of tea this morning before facing the cold to go to work and who should come but Mr Postman! I was terribly excited as I had completely forgotten that I was to receive one myself. I ripped off the paper as fast as I could with my mums eyes gazing in wonderment and finally realising what a wonderful thing The Curiosity Project is! 

In my beautifully sparkly pink box tied up with a little piece of ribbon there was : 

A beautiful jar full of trims and ribbons, I shall put it in my craft corner of my room and I cannot wait to delve into it! 
3 beautiful felt hearts that my "curiosity lover" had made herself, and what a clever lady you are, they are gorgeous and are ready and waiting to go on the christmas tree. 
A Large bundle of beautiful shades of felt, doing textiles at college I speed through felt all the time but I love these colours so much I think I shall put them to extra special use. 
3 remnant pieces of fabric which I shall say will come in very handy and are beautiful. 
A lovely vintage button box that I shall treasure forever. 
A cute little festive snowman snow globe 
And lots of other trinkets that will help me on my venture to become a successful textile artist.

Thank you so much curious sender you couldn't have made a more perfect box for me, I love it. And thank you for the lovely card you sent also, did you made that yourself, if you did you are a lady of many talents! Thank you again!"



  1. How gorgeous are those red and white felt hearts. I love them xxx

  2. Hi! I'm so glad you liked your box! I cannot take credit for the Christmas card, I do make cards myself but that one was made by my other half's Nan. Enjoy creating and have a great Christmas! xx

  3. Hello lisa, I absolutley love my box , it has kept a big smile on my face since i opened it on saturday :) also i have proudly shown it to all my family , who i may add were rather impressed. So thank you again you have rather inspired my with your little hearts ,how long did they take , they are so neat and precise ? xx