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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #113

"Dear Miss Curiosity,

Well, what a day to receive my curiosity parcel - sleeting, fleeting snow, many errands to run and just too much to do in too short a time, whilst dealing with a very small person in the midst of a teething crisis. So when someone knocked at the door for the umpteenth time that day I almost didn't bother answering. Thank goodness I did! I beamed such a huge smile at the postman that he must have wondered what could possibly be in the parcel...

So I opened the parcel to reveal a gorgeous box, ideal for sorting my bits and bobs in. The inside was ram packed with beautifully wrapped presents dotted round with little crepe paper butterflies - utterly adorable. The wrapping and little intriguing notes just showed how much care and attention had been put into it by the sender. 

 There were so many goodies to reveal and relish - a garden notebook for me to make to keep track of my garden plans, a spatula to fuel my baking obsession, a tree decoration for my baby's first Christmas, a great compilation CD, and - my absolute favourite - a bird lavender bag to sew. I'm going back to work in January and it will be lovely to have all my work clothes scented with a lavender bag. I'm planning on making it over Christmas while scoffing the lovely giant chocolate buttons that were also popped in.

Finally there was a picture of the sender's gorgeous dog as I had shared my secret love of, and hankering for, all things Labrador related. Gilbert is a real cutie!

The sender had clearly put loads of thought and care in putting together my parcel - so I'd just like to say a huge thank you to my curious friend for not only making my day a real day to remember, but also for revealing little hints of a fantastic, creative personality. You are clearly one cool curious person!"


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