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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #117

"My parent's rang on Monday to tell me that a curious box for a curious person had arrived at my home in Yorkshire - and out of their 5 children I could be the only one to be described as this. I was literally so excited and my flat mate at uni was so jealous that she would miss the excitement of opening it.
My boyfriend and I got home lateish last night and the first thing I did was locate a camera so I could photograph the unwrapping! I was really touched and excited by the beautiful box and tags which had been so thoughtfully put together - the mistletoe pearls were gorgeous.

The package contained:
  • A beginners guide to crochet
  • Wool and a crochet hook.
  • Candy stick - used in the wrapping.
  • A tin filled with lovely crafty bits.
  • Beach hut card - great to come home to the seaside!
  • Cute Christmas postcard - I have a postcard wall at my flat in Dundee and it will be joining the rest of the collection.
  • A Christmas tea bag - which as instructed I will drink by the fire as I attempt to learn this cool new craft.
  • Gorgeous brooch, and my curious friend is correct- prettiness is warming and wonderful. Going to have to hide from my little sister she has definitely got her eye on it (she's got no chance).
  • Vintage handkerchief - I'm a bit of a vintage hound and this will be a necessity in my handbag from now on.
  • A delicious vanilla and ginger lip balm - life saver as this cold weather is running havoc with my lips.

I absolutely adored everything I received and I'm so grateful for all the effort and thought that has gone into this project, I couldn't even pick a favourite item as I love them all so much!

I want to wish my curious sender the most fabulous Christmas and say a massive thank you for everything you have sent me, you really have made my coming home very special!

Thanks for the great project cannot wait to get involved with the next one!

p.s. sorry for the anxiety caused by the wait xxx"

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