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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #119

"Hi Curiosity Box Top Dog,

Yesterday I received a very welcome gift wonderfully wrapped in music sheet paper which made my heart sing! Inside contained lots of wonderful curious presents again wrapped in sheet music and green ribbon. I felt overwhelmed with amount!

With this I received a lovely letter from my curious friend who explained in a cute poetic way what I was about to open. I would like to relay this to the public,

On the last day of the curious project my curious friend sent to me,
Biscuit cutters for baking,
Teabags and spoon for tea making,
Teapot and cup deco for the tree,
A wire and paper toadstool made by me,
A felt heart brooch to wear,
Postcards to send to those you care,
To relax a cupcake bath bomb,
Birdy beakers for picnics to come,
A porcelain tealight holder,
Sparklers for dining  bolder
Birdy badges for a curious cat,
A paper weight pebble for this and that,
And finally a couple of magnet words,
Sent to you from a curious bird!

This curious friend is such a wordsmith and made my saturday morning with all those wonderful gifts! I thank them whole heartedly for the love and thoughtful gifts wrapped in music.

I only hope my recipient feels as much curious joy I felt.

Thank you curiosity project for engineering such a fun challenge."


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