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5 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #12

This week seems to be a week for mummys and our next recipient Sian is just about to become one...

"When my brown paper package arrived I was so excited that couldn’t wait to tear it open. Trying to be adult and mature I half considered being good and waiting or even putting it under the tree (not that we had ours up yet) but it’s a good job my inner child got the better of me (you’ll see why). I tore off the wrapping and found a gorgeous vintage biscuit tin inside. Intrigued I opened the lid...

It’s hard to describe how excited I felt as I popped the lid off my new tin, or how emotional when I read the letter inside called ‘read me first’ which was so personal and lovely that it made me cry. My curious friend had made me an advent calendar complete with string and mini advent pegs to construct it. It was like they knew me already – I have always wanted a handmade calendar and every year I ask my husband to make me one, the fact that a virtual stranger had gone to the effort for me was just so touching. Each little envelope contains either a chocolate or a quote on a food, family (I am a real foodie and am about to become a mum) or Christmas theme. It’s just wonderful and will make every day in the run up to Christmas infinitely more special. And the best bit is that I can use it year on year and in turn it can be passed down to our baby once they are old enough to eat chocolate!

I ran upstairs straight away and put up my advent calendar in pride of place in our living room. I have decorated it with extra Christmassy touches and put it up high out of the reach of our puppy. It makes me smile every time I see it. And I can’t wait until the 24 December so that I can open the envelope containing my curious friend’s address and send her a heart-felt thank you letter. If you are reading this, my curious Yorkshire friend, then I want to say a huge thank you before the 24th. Your gift has already bought so much joy."


Wow. We got a little bit blubby here and what a sweet and thoughtful gift to include. Enjoy opening each little envelope and discovering the joy inside!


1 comment:

  1. Hello Sian, nice to meet you at last, I am your secret sender, your curious friend from Yorkshire...

    I too felt a bit blubby when I popped onto the website and saw that my box had arrived and the kind words that you and Tiffany had written.

    I really enjoyed putting this gift together for you, it is amazing how great it felt to buy and send something to someone who I didn't know, yet felt that I did.

    The calender looks great, I am so pleased that it was on your wish list and something that you will get out year after year.

    My two year old son is sharing the Santa chocolates with you, as the remainders went in his advent calender.

    Keep in touch I would love to hear which quote you liked best and of course your baby news.

    Happy Christmas,

    Rebecca @sellmywedding xxx