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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #122

The second gent of the project, Mike, has received a box that epitomises a proper German Christmas...

"Dear Miss Curiosity,

First off can I say a HUGE thank you for organising this, I haven't enjoyed the run up to Christmas this much in years!

Anyway, I was woken early one morning last week by a ring at the door. The delivery man said that there was a parcel from Germany, which had me thinking "What have I bought on eBay now?". However I was massively surprised when a rather large box, covered in brown paper, arrived instead!

Inside was a box covered in very festive red metallic paper. I haven't been this excited about opening a present since I was a kid, so that paper didn't stay on for too long. Inside were several beautifully wrapped gifts and a lovely Christmas postcard that said

        "Hello Curious friend, I hope that this box finds you well and I hope that you enjoy its contents as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas, from Katie in Stuttgart, Germany"

Well, all I can say is a big thank you to Katie, as everything in the box is divine!

There was a lovely chipboard reindeer decoration with a sixpence attached on a card, to be put into the xmas pudding. There was also a CD to be listened to while decorating the tree. A lovely big box filled with chocolate Euros and peppermint bark, a mug with a little bottle of wine and mulled wine spice mix and the most deliciously Christmassy smelling tea bags with a little plastic reindeer head tea bag holder that clips on the side of a mug, genius!!

There was also a great metallic and glass tea light holder. In another box were two gorgeous Christmas decorations, a vintage styled glass bauble with Santa on the inside and a slate gingerbread man decoration, inscribed in German. Finally there was a wooden moon decoration, which was uncanny because I have a collection of unusual carved wooden decorations!

I really cannot thank Katie enough for all the thought and effort she put in to this box and cannot wait to be part of this great swap again!


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