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18 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #123

"Hi Miss Curiosity

A bright yellow wrapped box greeted me when I got home from work on Thursday, all the way from Germany. Needless to say the wrapping was dispensed with fairly swiftly to reveal a lovely angel tin.

I had mentioned that I love the countdown to Christmas , so there on top was my very own little advent calendar card. Inside my sender wrote that she hoped the boxed arrived safely to Ireland and had included some traditional german christmas things.

I hoped one of my favourite things was inside.

It was time to delve deeper and see what was inside, first the smell of Christmas wafted upwards with cinnamon sticks, star anise and some dried orange rings.

My box also contained:

*  A homemade garland of ribbon roses, holly leaves, bells and stars
*  2 scented night lights with paper bag lanterns
*  A lovely jewelled velvet heart  decoration
*  Angel wings
*  A set of cookie cutters tied up in ribbon
*  A beautiful wooden Reindeer ornament (who will join my herd that live in my sitting room and decorate my tree this time of year, theres about 22!)
*  A christmas candle
*  A golden star decoration
*  A big Lebukchen cookie ( which I adore, a real christmas treat. I'm going to nibble this really slowly and enjoy every crumb)
* A finally something with an Irish link. A beautiful book, The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.  A story I remember from my childhood, but haven't read in decades. I'm so looking forward to reading it again.

Thank you my curious friend for a lovely box of Treats. I think this will be my favourite christmas present this year. Some things will last for this Christmas, others will be treasured reminders of my first
Curious Christmas gift in years to come.

And thank you  Miss Curious for organising this wonderful project. I had so much fun collecting, wrapping and sending off my box. I'm looking forward to the next project already.

Merry Christmas to all my curious friends.

Best Wishes


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