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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #124

Sending lots of Christmas hugs to Lauran and hoping her 2nd English Christmas treats her well...

"Dear 'Curious Elf',

I received an email on Thursday, sent to all the faculty in my school, explaining an unnamed parcel had arrived labeled "The Curiosity Project" and did it belong to anyone? You managed to get the whole school curious! It came at a perfect time, on the last day of school before term break - it felt like a reward.

So many nice things inside! Each item was individually wrapped with tags explaining their significance.

*My favorite item is the Scrabble place-card holders, which I am currently using to hold Christmas cards.

* CD of Christmas music by the Rat Pack (my mom's second cousin married Frank Sinatra Jr. so I fancy myself somehow related, and thus a huge fan).

* How could you know my kitchen is red? Love the tea towel and your embroidery work on the napkins!

* I wore the heel cushions tonight at my work Christmas party and managed to stand for two hours. No broken phalanges here. :)

 * And thanks for the irresistible sweets! And the instant SNOW!

I'm an American living my second year in England and holidays away from family are difficult. So thanks, your box gave me an extra boost!

Peace and joy!"

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