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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #125

"Dear Curiosity Project,

Firstly, I have to say how overwhelmed I am by the generosity and thoughtfulness of my own sender, as well as those I am seeing on the blog. It is beautiful. 

Secondly, my pictures do not do my sender justice. I am very sorry. 

After being away with work for  a few days I was thrilled to arrive back home to find my Curiosity Box. Wrapped beautifully with meters of red ribbon - that I have promptly recycled on Christmas hampers!

The contents were amazing. Beginning with the card BE JOLLY I knew I would love what I had very kindly been sent. 

- A cute tea towel saying 'Pretty Dishy' (I giggled!) 
- 4 beautiful cards with bird prints (These will be sent with much joy as they were received - I love post!) 
- A cheery cherry cross stitch badge 
- A red apple (I am guessing the sender made this - I am going to use it as a pin cushion!) 
- A funky green tin with a little chocolate treat in it (already eaten! and the print on the tin reminds me of my Granddad's tea set. This will be filled and used with much joy)
- A bag full of teeny tiny peg (which will be used for more parcels and those relaxing crafty moments)
- 3 strawberry magnets (which are looking rather good on my fridge!)
- A Lindt santa (never fails!)
- A glittery gold tea light
- A gingerbread man tree decoration (taking pride of place on the tree)
- A fantastic china mug with a moustache on either side. (which I am LOVING drinking my tea out of!)

Each gift was wrapped so beautifully, and with moustache gift tags! Thank you so much - blown away by the thought and effort put in by my sender. Thank you so much. 

I equally loved putting my box together and am looking forward to the next one already!"

The moustache mug. Is. Totally. Awesome. 


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