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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #126

Look at his little face!!!!!

"I was so excited to receive my box.  I couldn't envisage what someone could put together from what I had written; but the contents where beautiful, elegant, and certainly showed both thought and consideration...

"Firstly, I opened the box, to see the most lovely polka-dot pink paper, (I love anything pink).

When I opened the first parcel, it was a wonderful bar of Scottish handmade dark chocolate, I only like dark chocolate and I am saving this for the moment that I break up for the school holidays on Wednesday (I shall have it with tea).  Mack the dog was also quite intrigued by the smell of this.

Talking of tea, inside the most bright-pink and wonderful paper was four gorgeous china tea cups.  They are so pretty, and I plan to place tea-lights inside.  I think they will look so pretty lit up.

Next, was a soap with the most uniquely-wonderful smell.  The box it is in is also so pretty.  Again, Scottish, I am thinking that this may be a clue to the senders home?

Last, but by no means least, was a superb Liberty- print notebook.  I adore notebooks, and I adore Liberty prints, (I miss visiting the store having moved to Germany a few years ago).  Now the only thing left to decide is what to use it for (maybe notes and sketches for my artwork.)

Well, my curious-friend, I am beyond delighted with my box, and as you can see Mack the dog fully approves too. I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity.  Thank you.

And Tiffany, I have loved every part of this project, planning, making, sending and receiving. What a fantastic idea! Thank you.

Hayley, a curious overseas friend..."

Mack!!! We LOVE you! Can you come and stay with us for Christmas please? The cats will have to lump it?


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