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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #132

Christmas is a time to gather around the piano and sing festive songs...

"I can't explain the excitement of getting a completely unknown parcel from an unknown sender with unknown contents! What made it even more of a surprise was that I had sent the wrong email address so I didn't know I was even taking part in the curiosity project (don't worry- It has been sorted now and my parcel is on its way!) so it was a complete surprise. I immediately dived in, thinking I probably should wait til Christmas day, but I just couldn't! The box was packed really neatly, with all my little packages wrapped in brightly coloured tissue paper.

First of all, I found a HILARIOUS card- this is so going on my wall!

...with a lovely message inside :)

 I also received 2 funky notebooks, some gorgeous buttons and the loveliest wooden piano music box. And this is what I think...

It was so lovely to receive a parcel that was somehow perfect for me, even though it came from a stranger! The piano is so pretty, and something I would definitely buy from a little vintage shop- It is now living by my bed so that it can sing me to sleep :) 
Thank you to my curious sender! And I will definitely take part in the curiosity project again next year!"

Sami x

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