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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #133

"I watched as the bright red van pulled up outside my window and wondered...could it be?
YES....my box had arrived but before postie would part with the parcel, I had to declare that, yes I am indeed ‘Little Miss Curious’ cue much smirking J
Inside was a card, in which my curious sender wrote they hoped I liked the little things chosen and handmade for me...oh the excitement!
First up, was a beautiful teal knitted snood (I’m guessing was made by your fair hand curious friend?)... I have been searching high and low for a scarf that will go with my new winter coat, not anymore...thank you, it’s perfect!

Next, a selection of scrummy festive biscuits which I shall refrain from munching with my morning coffee, instead I shall save them to share with family and friends on Christmas Day. My favourites though were the gorgeous wedding dress biscuits, very thoughtful given my profession (wedding planner!)

Then I spotted the oh so cute cupcake cake tin (currently storing my first batch of Christmas trifle cupcakes). I was so thrilled with my gifts so imagine my utter excitement when I opened the tin to find yet more parcels.

A fab set of cupcake measuring cups and gorgeous pink edible glitter (also used in my cupcake baking fest).
A gorgeous vintage teacup candle with the most beautiful scent, taking pride of place of my fireplace ready to be lit on Christmas Eve.
A cute handmade cupcake keyring, which is already making my bunch of keys look pretty.
A unique handmade Christmas oven glove decoration, which is now hanging above my hob bringing some festive cheer to my kitchen as I bake.
A truly gorgeous handmade brooch (I doubt my piccies do it justice!), which I shall wear with my lovely new snood.
Lastly, a stunning pocket mirror...just what I wanted, sparkly and rather apt given I’m a twitter freak!
Thank you so much to my lovely curious friend, I love each and every one of the gifts...they were lovingly chosen and made (by your very talented hands!). Christmas has definitely come early in my household.

Wishing you and yours a truly fabulous Christmas....long may we stay curious!

Rachel xxx

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