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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #134

"Thursday was my last day of work for 2011 and to my surprise it was the day my 'curiosity box' arrived. 

The outside of the box was decorated with sepia toned pictures.

Inside the box was fill of lovely gifts which included:

*a hand painted rubber duck bank! (I collect rubber ducks!)
*beautiful earrings (which I wore to my company's Xmas party.)
*A lovely wooden Christmas ornament, which is now on my bookshelf
*Fantastic array of handmade snow flakes (yay! snow!)
*a recipe for 'Wassail' - a fruity hot drink with cinnamon!
*a cinnamon flavoured tea bag (I do love cinnamon)

In my description of myself, I called myself 'a history geek.' Interestingly, the curious person who got my name is a history teacher. Also, it must have been fate brought us together as she is an American living in the UK. I am also an American in the UK, but I didn't mention this in my description.

To my curious sender: Thank you so much & Happy Holidays!" xx

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