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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #137

Is it just us or is this box very...pink?

"After having got off my sick bed to have a heated debate with people at the Post Office, where Himself had failed to retrieve all the parcels they were holding hostage, about why my ID didn't match the name on the parcel that name being 'A Curious Person' *sigh* Really the Post Office? Really? I finally got my hands on my curiosity parcel! 

Every step of opening my curiosity box was delightful from outer wrapping onwards, and then finally WOW! So pink! So sparkly! Frivolous things I'd never have bought for myself (and frankly himself might well have vetoed) appeared. Sparkly creatures, sprinkles, and pink squishy antlers. All sorts that will really brighten up my home over Christmas! Indeed the theme for the table on Christmas Day is set now with even the tinsel from the outside of the box part of the scene.  The mini bobble hat went onto last Christmas's PG Tips monkey, and the pink antlers onto me, for the whole weekend actually... and probably much of this week. Actually it'll be a wrench not to take them to work. 

It really put a smile on my face. Sour old witch as I was feeling on Saturday I feared all sorts but as a handmade person I don't think to buy such things as these, so it was a real treat. 

Thank you to my Curious Stranger!  Thank you Curiosity Project HQ. "


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