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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #138

Ahhhh we recognise a box from another one of our sponsors today. Isn't her work just beautiful?!

"Well, my box arrived this morning. I have been nervously awaiting my post lady, as I also had 2 christmas presents outstanding. I was still in my PJs when the knock came, and still a little sleepy, so had to yell through the letterbox that I couldn't find my key to open the door! She very kindly propped them by the door for me and carried on along her merry way. Fortunately, I found my key so my packages didn't get too damp! As I'd hoped, there on my step were the 2 presents I'd been waiting for, along with a VERY beautifully wrapped box for a certain 'Ms Curious'... ME!

As soon as I opened the box, I was hit with the smell of lavender... I really love lavender! Inside the box were lots of little packages wrapped in black tissue... The contents were...

* A leaflet about Disaster Relief Shelter Box.
* An iron on motif of an owl
* Some very petite and bijou fir cones and some sprigs of lavender
* A little owl
* A lovely polar bear card - explaining the theme of relaxing, hibernating and enjoying the winter...
* A polar bear lavender sachet
* Some Pukka 'Relax' herbal tea.
* Some apple crumble BEAR granola nibbles
* The fabulous Tove Jansson's Moominland Midwinter book
* Two lovely treats from The Vintage Drawer  - Some buttons, and a very sweet floral brooch.

I've not read this book yet, but i have always loved the Moomins, so am very much looking forward to curling up with a brew later and reading it. I have 2 weeks off work as of now, so a perfect start to the holidays!

Many, many thanks to my new curious friend. What a lovely treat to start the Christmas countdown! So, who put this box of lovely together for me?..."


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  1. Phew, I don't know how I missed this. I was worried it hadn't arrived. Happy New Year Wendy and all you Curious Friends out there. Love from Witchmountain x