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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #139

"My box final arrived this morning, no Monday morning blues for me!

Before tearing through the unassuming brown parcel paper, complete with Clement Clarke Moore "T'was the Night Before Christmas" poem, I phoned my fiancé and mum to let them know that the magical box was here!!

Then finally, the moment I have been waiting for... Under the brown paper was pink snowflake tissue paper and beautiful pink bow (which will be wrapped around another present under my tree before the end of today!), and under that- a pink glitter box adorned with dancing reindeer!
I finally understand the restraint you have have to demonstrate to photograph the box before tearing through the contents!!

Each present has a beautiful fabric gift tag describing the carefully chosen contents of each parcel.  Molly the Cat also enjoyed the wrapping as she scrambled round in it!
Inside was a card (which I opened last as instructed!) which said:

"Dear Mysterious Stranger,

Merry Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the contents of this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

What you have is:
1. Fingerless gloves, to help you write your notes when you are out in the field.     
They will be coming out on my Boxing Day “blowing off the cobwebs” walk with my family!  And amusingly they were from a company called Marco which is my Dad’s name!

2. A vegetable pouch to add to your garden.
Peas to add to my little patch of lettuces, tomatoes and spring onions!

3. A pencil sharpener- sorry for the bad taste, but it used to be one of our family traditions- buying the worst thing we could find! I just thought I'd share the love!
Your family sounds as mental as mine!  The cat pencil sharpener will take pride of place on my desk..

4. A small dog keyring- just because I thought it was sweet.
I concur!

5. Frosted snowflakes, because you need a few sparkly things at Christmas
I’m baking dessert this year, so these will be adorning our Christmas table!

6. A handmade bauble for your tree- this completes the curious cycle as my own box contained a french knitting doll, and a challenge, and I used the first results of it to form the loop
I LOVE this- beautiful fabric, my favourite colour green, a two times curious gift and something I can enjoy year after year!

7. A tea towel from my employer, which seemed suitable.  We had a Christmas shop at work recently, and I had to add something to the box.
Keeping calm is not my forte, so this will be a great reminder as a frantically dash around the kitchen!

8. Calming camomile tea.

9. 2 free snack boxes.
One for me and one for David (the fiancé)- yummy!

10. Bookmark from Persephone- they do beautiful books, lined with lovely prints and matching bookmarks.  I recommend you have a look at their catalogue- I particularly love Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and Miss Buncle's Book.
I am total book worm, so definitely perfect for me!

11. A recipe I love, and intend to bake myself over Christmas. 
Cinnamon always seems so festive so this will be the dessert being cooked for the family Christmas- obviously I will be taking the time to remove all the calories mum!

12. One final suggestion for you to look up.  My favourite Christmas song, which sums up everything that matters to me at this time of year is Tim Minchin singing white wine in the sun.  Please, please do look him up on YouTube. 

And best wishes for your wedding.

Even the two little birds on the card were perfect, they look just like the birds that will be going on my wedding invites…

This really has been the most delightful experience- preparing someone else’s box, eagerly waiting for mine and going on and on and on to all my friends about how wonderful it has been!

Thanks Katy, for all the effort you put into to this for me xxxx"

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad it turned up. Royal Mail still seemed to think they hadn't delivered it yet when I checked this afternoon. Merry Christmas, and I look forward to joining in this project again.