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5 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #14

"My Curiosity parcel has arrived! It took a while to actually get it in the house; due to the lovely way it was wrapped and labelled I had to spend some time explaining it to the interested postie before he would hand it over!

Inside there was a lovely handmade Christmas card and a cake tin, much needed as I always end up having to borrow cake tins from other people. Inside the tin was a lovely note explaining all the contents which were:

6 handmade photo cards - The pictures used are so incredible, a very talented photographer.
3 cards containing AA Milne quotes - These have been really nicely written and attached with a ribbon.  The quotes chosen are gorgeous and am looking forward to reading them to my daughter.
Snowman and Santa cake decorations - Can't wait to use these as they are so cute.
A home made star - This is definitely going on my Christmas tree.
Emergency chocolate tea - Yum!
A really cute necklace.
A Well Done stamp - I really hope that this will be needed lots with my daughter!

Thank you so much my curious friend, I love everything in the box."


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