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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #140

"I received my Curiosity Box yesterday afternoon from my neighbour who had very kindly taken it off of the Postman at the end of the week. Like a lot of people who have already received their boxes I was beyond excited and incredibly touched with what my box contained, they say "Good things come in small packages" and this was certainly the case with my Curious Christmas Box.

The package arrived wrapped in Brown paper and had a beautiful applique tiger in the front (tigers are my favourite animal of all time! - How did my curious friend know?). Inside was a lovely decorated box in beautiful patterned paper, just when i thought it couldn't get any better I got to see what was inside.

The box contained what seemed like a never ending supply of parcels wrapped in brown paper with an explanation of what they contained written on the outside. I am the type of person who likes to keep the best thing to open until last but after reading all the descriptions I was so excited about everything I couldn't decide and just had to go for it.

My box contained: 
  • "Keeping in touch" - Beautiful cup cake cards.
  • "Couple Cookies" - A double love heart cookie cutter - My Fiancee was very impressed with this especially as they will make large cookies which he very much approves of!
  • "To add a little Glamour to your goddess baking" - Floral Cupcake wrappers - I am going to use these on Christmas Eve to take with me to the Tea Party before my Church Candlelight Service!
  • "Add a little sparkle to your bakes" - Edible purple glitter for my baking!
  • "When the Trees have lost their leaves its time to bring them indoors" - An amazing garland of vintage looking floral paper in the shape of leaves. I already have the perfect spot in mind for this beauty!
  • "Something Sweet" - A packet of Love Hearts
  • "Keep the Doctor away by keeping your apple warm this year" - a hand made apple cosy - This made me squeal as it is so adorable and I am looking forward to putting it to good use.
  • "Love your pennies and turn them into pounds" - a cute coin purse which as we speak is being used and now also holds my train ticket in a much more stylish fashion than previously.
  • "A little village gathering" - A handmade fabric brooch - I have a collection of brooches and this one is just so beautiful.
  • "Congratulations on entwining two hearts" - Two crocheted hearts joined together to symbolise my upcoming wedding. Not only was this present incredibly thoughtful it made me smile instantly as my Gran is a beautiful crocheter and they reminded me of spending time with her trying to teach me how to crochet blankets!
  • "Something to eat on your wedding day" - This present was amazing it is the sweetest hand made wedding cake with little pearls decorating the layers. This will be incorporated into our wedding day without a doubt. Not only will this be a reminder of my curious friend but will be something to treasure.
  • "Something for you to stitch for next year" and "The key to your heart" - Two X-titch patterns for me to work on to commemorate our wedding next year. I cant wait to get started on these, and am even planning on making more to give as presents to some of my friends who are getting married next year as well!
  • "When you want to whisper sweet nothings" - A beautiful book of love poetry!
  • "A curious bag for the Queen of Hearts" - This was amazing! A gorgeous applique bag depicting the Queen of Hearts and Alice! I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland its my favourite book of all time and I have an ever growing collection of Alice in Wonderland related Nick knacks! I cant remember if I put my love of Alice on the little description I sent in so like a lot of people it feels like my Curious Friend really knew me.
To my Wonderful Curious Friend thank you so much for your incredibly touching and wonderful box full of amazing presents which I will enjoy immensely, treasure forever and think of you every time I use them!

Thank you so much again and thank you Miss Curiosity for your wonderful project. " 


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