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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #141

 "What can I say - I have been anticipating the arrival of my Curiosity box for a while now and today I was delighted when the postman knocked on my door! He remarked "A curious Friend - Is that you?" with a puzzled expression across his face! It seems he too was curious!

With camera in hand I sat down to open my parcel - I was thrilled to find that my box was in fact a Marks & Spencers Christmas Biscuit tin with a vintage scene on it - I love it!

A lovely photograph of the Canterbury cathedral was on top of the wrapped parcel - a clue!?

I can only compare my excitement to that of a child on Christmas day, I opened the box and found a lovely note from the sender.

"To my Scottish Friend, Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time and a gorgeous New Year! I hope you enjoy this box and its contents - I loved putting it together! Much love, Your Curious Friend xxx"

There was also a note on an envelope that said open after you have opened the box!

The note said 

"Here is a collection of some of my favourite things - what they represent, what they evoke and what they comprise of:

- Tea in a tea cup - simple pleasures
- Festive candles - smell is everything
- A game to play
- A decoration to make
- Something to make with your children
- Something to eat while doing it
- Something gold and Christmassy
- A cutter and family recipe
- My favourite festive tunes"

The first thing that hit me was the most divine smell ever - if you could box the smell of Christmas then this would be it! Simply WOW! An amazing mix of scents coming from the two Christmas candles and the tea! (which I cannot wait to try!) The vintage cup and saucer is simply beautiful - I feel very lucky to have received something so special!

I loved how the whole box was had lovely colourful sequins scattered all through it too - that really added to the Christmassy feel!

My Husband, children and I played Dominoes tonight for the first time together! They loved it and it felt so lovely sitting down and doing something together.

The paper chains are beautiful and I am looking forward to finding somewhere special to hang them - the OWL (how did you know I loved Owls so much!) I can't even remember if I mentioned that in my brief description, perhaps I did but it is perfectly me! My daughter and I will have lots of fun making the other two!...Ahem - we seem to have eaten all the yummy little chocolate balls already though oops!! We are however looking forward to making the cookies, then we will have something else to eat while we make!!

And finally can I just say that your favourite festive tunes are now mine also! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the CD and have listened to it all afternoon! I think the best thing about your box is that I now feel well and truly filled with Christmas spirit, it made me feel so special to be the recipient of such thoughtful gifts - thank you my curious friend and Happy Christmas to you to!"

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  1. I'm so delighted that you liked my box - I loved putting it together and am thrilled that it has filled you with Christmas spirit (that's exactly what I was hoping for!).

    You didn't mention the owls, but I run family craft workshops and the owls were easily the most popular one we did this year and everyone in my office wants to make one, so I'd hoped you would feel the same!

    Anyway, it's made my day that you loved it and again, I hope you have a warm and wonderful Christmas!

    Lucy x

    PS. I made a copy of the CD for myself too and have been listening to it since - am so happy that you love it as well!