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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #144

"I really enjoyed being part of this project – from choosing what to send to reading about all the lovely things people have sent and how happy they have made a complete stranger.
So, it was with great excitement that I received my box.  I waited until my kids were asleep so I could get full enjoyment and sat down with a glass of wine to enjoy.
The first thing I noticed was the air flight stickers on the parcel. Somehow, it just made it even more special that someone from another country had gone to all this effort to send me such wonderful things.
The box was beautifully wrapped and I have kept the paper as was so pretty.  I know everyone says that they felt the sender knows them but as green and pink together is my favourite combination I couldn’t believe it when I saw this wrapping!

My box of treats contained
·         A book to relax with.  The title is ‘This Charming Man’.  The same title as my first single by The Smiths – a good omen!
·         A super pretty notebook for creative inspiration.
·         A DVD of a film I haven’t seen and am looking forward to discovering over Christmas
·         A gorgeous cross stitch sampler which must have taken ages to make.  The stitched words are ‘Whistle While You Work’ which makes me smile and think of that scene in Dad’s Army!

I loved everything and it’s so amazing to think of someone going to all this effort for someone they don’t know.  Thank you so much my curious sender and of course a massive thank you to Miss Curiosity for the project.  I hope you’ll do another one next year!"

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