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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #145

"So after a very confusing time at the sorting office I got my lovely box...the post was arranged in name order..and my box was to A Curious Female - so they were not sure where it had been filed! A, C or F!

The contents were very thoughtful fun and lovely...they were as follows..

A beautiful handmade cushion cover with "home sweet home" sew on, its so lovely to think that a stranger lovingly sewed this for me, we shall cherish it in our new home.

A fantastic lucky horseshoe ring, which I have not taken off...love it!

A pair of stripy candy canes- which I always have on my tree- I am such a kid when it comes to christmas and have the biggest sweet tooth!

A large red chocolate coin..which I devoured with a cuppa after the excitement of opening my box.

A pom-pom garland and a pom pom machine ( who knew!!) so very exciting at being able to learn a fun new skill...the garland is now on my fireplace ( see pic) I love handmade decorations and being a florist really enjoy making things so this was great.

Three recipes, lovingly hand written for nachos, mojitos and victoria sponge..pure classics...I celebrated my engagement with mojitos so they are a favorite.

It was such a lovely idea and so happy to have been a part of this project, thank you."

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