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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #146

 "Dear Miss Curiosity,

I spied 'The Curiosity Project' on various blogs and twitter during the first project and knew I must be involved in the Xmas one - I love buying gifts and loved the idea of giving and receiving to a fellow
curious person.

After a rather rubbishy day at work I went home to a 'We Tried to Deliver' card, bearing the name 'The Curiosity Project' - yippee, was instantly cheered up knowing my box was now waiting for me. On
collection I received a brown cardboard box with a selection of Christmassy stickers adorning the outside - I knew I had a good box!

Once home I opened the box to find a spotty doily (love doilies, so glad they've had a resurgence recently), a 'make your own' paper Robin and a gorgeous red and white christmassy patterned round box - which had some additional stickers on the top and a bow, it looked so lovely and was so excited when untying the bow to discover the contents......

...and such fabulous contents!  For the first time I felt that magical Christmassy feeling - normally now as adults we know pretty much what will be in our Christmas 'stockings' as we've usually asked for
specific presents or given massive hints. The Curiosity Project gives us a reminder of that child-like awe of it all being a surprise, exciting and magical.

My curiosity box creator wrote on a hand decorated tag

"Dear Curious friend, I had such fun putting together this little box of treasures for you. I love Christmas and have included in this box items which invoke this magical time of year. I hope you like them. Have a lovely Christmas x '"  

Like them?  I LOVE them!

In the box were 3 gold Lindt reindeer (now eaten, nom nom!), a pretty glass with a candle tied up with a small bell painted with a snowman, a sweet little tin full of coloured buttons (now - who doesn't love
buttons? I do!), two sweet little people - one on ski's and an angel for hanging on our tree, a Star cookie cutter with a recipe for 'Christmas Star Biscuits' (project for the Christmas break!),  a 'Make Your Own'
Jolly Snowman kit, a gorgeous selection of vintage style postcards and tags tied in a ribbon and three handmade (I think) tree decorations - a snowflake with a bell, a red felt heart with a button and a lovely grey Bird - I didn't mention this into my 'notes about me' but I got married in September and became Mrs Bird!  :  D

Under the Christmas inspired gifts was yet another layer - covered by pretty flowered tissue paper were further curious gifts. A little note explained :-

" Once the festivities are over, our tummies a little rounder and the decorations come down, the house feels really bare so I like to decorate the house with colourful items which remind me that spring is just round the corner! So have included in your box some items to place round your house x "   

What a nice sentiment, I will definitely do this.

The Spring-like gifts were a brightly coloured flowery fabric heart to hang up, a flowery fabric bow hair grip (both with buttons, I think the sender loves buttons lots), a sweet notebook with apples and leaves and finally some beautiful flowery patterned bunting on blue ribbon - we had bunting at our wedding so am delighted to have my very own to brighten up the start of next year.

Finally a big, BIG thank you to the creator of my box it is all totally wonderful and started the Christmas feeling for me, I hope the box you received is as fantastic as mine. 

Merry Christmas! 

Mrs B x"

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