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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #147

I received my lovely box today. I had feeling today might be the day and I am so glad I was right! 
It was filled with lots of christmas cheer. Here are the contents of the box:

A beautiful hand crocheted stocking 
Instructions on how to make the stocking (I am just learning to crochet)
Some jingle bells with a label that says "Use me to adorn some of your Christmas Creations..."
Three christmas decorations: -  A knitted heart
                                              -  A hand made felt robin
                                              -  A silver bauble with a moustache which my daughter will just love

A lovely Christmas Card with the following message:

"To my curious friend.....

I hope you enjoy the contents of your box ... (I will) I have crocheted a stocking for you, and included instructions so you can make your own (and add bells too...) I crochet all the time (very relaxing after a days work in a school (I work in a school too) - hopefully you will feel the same once you get going!) * The pattern was cobbled together from various places - I think the lovely Pip from 'Meet me at Mikes' has fantastic and easy instructions to follow - as does Lucy at Attic 24.
So Merry Christmas to you and yours and get Crocheting! x"

1 comment:

  1. I forgot to add to my email

    A big, big thank you to the person who sent me my box and thank you to the curiosity project for putting this together.

    Merry Christmas everybody.