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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #148

"My box arrived on Saturday and I was expecting parcels from Amazon so I was really excited when I saw it was my curiosity project box! I wanted to savour opening so with great restraint, left it on the side whilst we went to the park and pub!

It was lovely to get home, make a hot drink and open it with my 2 year old daughter - I think she was excited about opening a present before Christmas! As we ripped open the brown paper, silver star sequins came falling out which added to the magical experience.

Inside was a beautiful box designed as a book and tied up with a festive ribbon and containing more lovely packages wrapped in brown paper (why is brown paper so appealing?!). There were more sequin stars much to the delight of my daughter and the following thoughtful gifts:

A pair of socks to keep my toes toastie warm throughout the winter (I hate the cold)

A set of delicious pens to record my hopes and dreams and be the envy of my 10 year old groovy pen obsessed niece!

A chocolate Santa and Reindeer, exclusively for me!

And a gorgeous photo album to keep precious pictures of our family and friends - I have loads of photos lying around and this is a perfect place to collate them all.

And a Christmas Card signed V wishing my a wonderful Christmas and amazing New Year.

So thank you to my Curious Friend and to you Miss Curiosity for such a fabulous project. I have so enjoyed putting a box together for a like-minded stranger and receiving such a box of treats from another.

Merry Christmas!"

Lou xxx

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