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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #149

"Hello Curious Friend - your parcel arrived on the day of a particularly raucous office party so I have to admit to being a little worse for wear when I first opened it up at 1am. You can perhaps make out the tea and toast in the background of the pictures!

What a beautiful box, thank you, and such thoughtful presents! 

First, a beautiful card made by my curious friend, then a fabulous selection of new, handmade and up-cycled presents (I too like a good rummage in a charity shop!) all beautifully wrapped. 

- A star tea light holder
- A book on independent shops in London 
- Some place cards and a 'Merry Christmas' stamp (can't wait to use these on Christmas day with the family, there'll be 10 of us exactly!)
- A handmade Christmas decoration (now on my tree) and one for me to make (looking forward to finding some time to do this, maybe on the long car journey on Christmas morning??)
- A quirky pencil/ruler
- Chocolate money and a candy cane

Thank you for the thought and care that went into my presents,and thanks to you all for organising such a great project. 

Love, Nina x "

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