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5 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #15

My box arrived on Wednesday, I have just got the chance to get logged onto the computer to share some photos with you :)

On the day that I posted my box off to my curious friend, the one for me arrived, hooray! All wrapped up in silver christmas wrapping paper was a box full to the brim with lots of little wrapped presents, I couldn't wait to get them all open one my little ones were in bed!

The contents were split into 3 categories:

Things for me:
- A Love Hearts mug (which I will take to work so I have my very own and don't have to borrow one)
- A box of folk inspired notecards (which are soooo pretty)
- Two heart shaped handwarmers (which I guess are because I live in Scotland and the snow's coming soon!)

Things for me, which revealed a little about my curious friend:
- A little felt christmas tree decoration (which will go perfectly with my red and white xmas decorations) - because my sender loves Christmas
- Sudoku puzzle cube (looks ever so complicated, I never did get the hang of the Rubiks cube, I think I might go a bit cross eyed trying to solve it, can feel a christmas day challenge coming on!) - because my sender loves sudoku
- Sweetheart fairy cake cases - because my sender loves baking (and so do I, so I will put them to good use!)

Things for my children, Hayden & Lily:
- Nursery Rhyme Snap game (which we have already played, as you can see!)
- A little jigsaw (handy size to keep in the pram bag for toddler entertaining emergencies)
- Wooden spinning tops (ditto, even come in a handy little bag to stop them getting lost!)
- Crayons (H loves to draw, though his pictures are still a little abstract since he's still pretty young!)
- Chocolate buttons (their favourite treat!)

I couldn't believe how many things fit into my shoebox, thank you so much my curious friend for your generosity! So glad to be involved in this project, will wait eagerly for the next one :)



Ahhhhhh great to see the kids getting involved in the project, what a thoughtful idea indeed!


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  1. You are more than welcome, I loved putting it together for you and really hope you like and enjoy all the little gifts! As do Hayden and Lily!

    What an amazing project to be a part of!

    Jane xx