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19 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #150

"So our lovely little box arrived on Saturday morning.
I was meeting up with Claire to head to Glasgow to celebrate our sisters 40th so I resisted the urge to open it the minute I got it and saved it until we were together!

We decided to open the box on the train much t the amusement of others as it was really busy and we didn't actually have a seat but were sitting in the aisle!!

We received:

A lovely little hand made card

Two pretty little candy canes...

A lovely little xmas candle and two beautiful hand painted whisky tumblers complete with 2 miniature malts!
We both LOVE a whisky so this was perfect for us!

Here we are enjoying our whisky before heading out!!!

Thank you to whoever sent our box, we hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Cant wait for the next Curiosity Project.

Merry Christmas 

Love Nikki & Claire

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