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20 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #152

"My parcel from arrived this morning and what a parcel of delights it is!

A bundle of little parcels inside a big parcel...it reminded me of playing Pass the Parcel when I was a little kid, however this time I won all the prizes!

 Look at the beautiful contents!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!! So many lovely things I didn't know quite where to begin!

A lovely Scandinavian style Christmas card (right up my street, I love anything of that ilk!).

A gorgeous handmade embroidered purse made by the lovely lady herself...and it even came with a penny inside (it's an old tradition to never give someone a new purse without first putting a penny inside...glad I'm not the only person who does it!)....

Super cute hand made spotty gadget cosy.....I love spotty things and it fits my phone perfectly....will stop all those knocks and scratches that seem to happen in my giant satchel/rucksack......

Stupendously gorgeous book - The Language of Flowers by Mandy Kirkby...it's all about the hidden meanings of certain flowers. The Victorians were fascinated by what different flowers symbolised and for instance would never dream of giving a loved one a yellow rose (it would show they had been unfaithful) or Basil (apparently it showed hatred!) but a posy made up of Daisies and Tulips would signify innocence and true love...it's such a lovely book to look through as the images are so pretty and the information is really interesting...

Thank you so much to the lovely person who sent me this package, I'm seriously over the moon with it and will enjoy using/reading these! I hope the person who gets the package I've sent likes their presents as much as I like mine :)"

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